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Завод малого машиностроения

    Hydraulic torque wrench KG-22 is designed for making up and breaking out of the threaded connections of downhole motors and turbodrills diameter from 70 to 340mm in downhole motors repair workshops environment.
    Tongs KG-22 may be used for work with other types of products requiring the use of high torque.


    Technological equipment for aircraft components, parts and aircraft assemblies testing.


    Premium class equipment, it is a perfect combination of reliability, operating speed, easy control that allows getting the best efficiency results. It’s a perfect choice for the companies with a large park of drilling equipment.


    Stands SOI-250, SOI-500 are designed for testing the downhole motors.


    Press and vibrating molds are designed for continuous production of cellular slabs and other long length concrete products by means of off-form concreting.


A stud is a rod that is threaded on both ends (partially or wholly). It is used together with nuts and other fasteners for ventilation systems suspension on the ceiling, air ducts suspension, concrete forms construction, furniture assembly or other repair and installation works. Stud bolts are different by GOSTs and resistance classes:

  • stud Gost 9066 75 – can be  one- and two way threaded (4 types in all) and is designed for flanged connections of gas and steam turbines, valves, pipeline parts, operated at 0-650°С.
  • stud 10494-80 – used for the petrochemical industry in joint assemblies with reinforcement lens-shaped seals (o-rings). It resists pressure 10-100 MPa and provides a secure fastening at -50 - +510°С.
  • stud GOST 22042-76 – connect parts with smooth holes, commonly used in construction and machine engineering, diameter varies from 2 to 48 mm, length - 10 mm – 50 см (depends on the field of use);
  • OST 26-2040-96 – products for flanged connections of pipes and other equipment in various fields of industry, designed to operate  at working pressure 16 MPa and environment temperature from -70 to + 600 ° C.
  • STP 26.260.2043-2004 – stud, operating at pressure 16MPa and temperature from -70 to +650°С.

By your individual order we manufacture threaded studs of any size. Still, the best prices, the highest quality and promptness are guaranteed.

GOST: 9066-75, 10494-80, 22032-77 et al.

Steel quality: 20, 35, 45, 40Х, 20Х13, 14Х17Н2, 30ХМА, 09Г2С, 25Х1МФ, 12Х18Н10Т, 45Х14Н14В2М, ХН35ВТ et al.

Diameter: 10mm to 80mm

Resistance class: up to 12,9

Coating: phosphate coating, zink et al.

We manufacture fasteners under drawings

Manufacturing according to ASTM, ASME

Studs GOST 9066 75 22042-76 10494-80, OST 26-2040-96 STP 26.260.2043

Turnkey projects:

Engineering Design

Working drawings and detailed design development, 3D modeling.


Materials procurement, turning, milling, welding and assembly, break-in test works

Setting up

Installation supervision and commissioning works at Client’s premises.


Warranty and post warranty service, necessary spare parts and software provision.

Challenges we’ve met:

Mobile workshop with Bench-top wrench KG-12

Client “New Tech Services”, 2016


Mobile workshop is equipped with facilities that are necessary for the servicing of gaz and oil pipe connections requiring the use of a high torque. A special project of insulation and a highly effective and economical heating system at the workshop allows the comfortable operation at temperatures up to - 50º C. According to the Client’s request the workshop may be equipped with any hydraulic wrench or other accessory equipment. Overall dimensions of the workshop do not require any additional permission for transportation.
Workshop’s assembly and disassembly take not more than one work shift.

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Bucking Unit KG-18

In 2010 special equipment was needed by JSC TATNEFT for the handling of the drill string in rig environment. Our company offered a mobile bucking unit KG-18. We designed and manufactured the wrench a year after, and in winter 2012 we performed a supervised installation of the unit. Nowadays the unit is successfully operated year-round by JSC TATNEFT.


The bucking unit is designed so that all the make up and break out operations with the use of a high torque may be performed year-round at the temperatures up to -20˚C.

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Hydraulic full-circle bucking unit KGP-12

In 2013 OJSC Orsky Machine Building Plant set a task to design an automatic line for running-in of the drillpipe joints for meeting the requirements of API RP 7G. The task was accomplished by designing the hydraulic full-circle bucking unit KGP-12. The project was implemented in 2014.


The tongs use a number of innovative solutions that have no equals in the world practice.

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